Play to Earn (P2E) Gaming Zone!

Dominate your enemies. Defend your honour. Expand your empire. Earn real rewards. Planobration is an NFT-enabled, play to earn game on the Binance Smart Chain network. Build, defend and explore an immersive 3D world, and earn extra rewards with 2D mini-games and collectible NFT Soldier and Warrior. With farming and staking, your Warrior can earn you passive rewards!

Features integrated with Planobration Gaming Zone

Warrior Staking: Stake Planobration NFT to gain Planobration tokens

NFT Marketplace: Buy or Sell 3-D Warrior NFT and 2-D Soldier collective NFT on Planobration’ decentralized NFT open market.

Play To Earn: Defeat the invader or Attack other player base to win valuable items and Planobration tokens.
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